A question about summaries

Hi all,

still exploring HUGO I came across a weird behaviour of summaries. This is what I have in my content file (*.md):

## Headline
Copy. Bla Bla.

This is how I render summaries in my template (nothing special here):

   {{ range .Data.Pages }}
      {{ .Summary }}
   {{ end }}

And what I get is:

Headline Copy. Bla Bla.

I.e. the headline becomes part of the summary with no HTML element wrapped around it.

However, if I truncate manually the output changes:

## Headline

Bla. Bla.

Now what I get is:

<h2 id="page-titleofthepage">Headline</h2>

Both results are not fully satisfying as imho a headline shouldn’t be default part of a summary – at least not like in the first example.

Does somebody know an elegant way to leave the headline out of the summary or how to achieve a proper rendering with automatic summaries?


EDIT: Reading the docs again I understand that case 1 is the default behavior. However, I still wonder how to leave the headline out with case 2 …