Get markdown table into front matter or summary

The first thing I have on many posts is a table with just a few rows and columns, but when it’s the top of the post and is summarized with the default 70 words(?) hugo summary for a post, you don’t see the table, just the words.

I kind of solved this by making a shortcode with an actual HTML table, but this makes the markdown file rather unreadable.

The best solution would be some way of getting hugo to see the table at the top of the postand render it in the preview on my index page, but if I could make a variable in the front matter that points to the table, that’d be okay too.

Any help is appreciated.

Hmm. Would a manual summary split be an option?

That way you should be able to tell Hugo that the summary should end after the table, rather than in the middle of it.

(Welcome to the forum by the way! :slight_smile:)

1st off, thanks, this totally works, and thanks for welcoming me!

2nd, I feel like a big ole’ dummy dumb because I knew about the manual split summary, I just assumed Hugo wasn’t parsing markdown in the preview, and thus tried to figure out how to do that…

oh well, thanks very much!