HOWTO: Adding Isso Comments to Hugo

Hi all.

In response to my recent dredging up the topic of finding alternatives to Disqus again:
and @kaushalmodi telling me to put my money where my mouth was, I’ve written up a post on how I integrated the self-hosted Python-based Isso comments system into my Hugo site.

Due to the way Isso works, it’s not as straightforward as it might be, but I’ve tried to cover all the steps involved. Any comments / corrections / _“that’s completely the wrong way to do it”_s ––to the usual address.


PS. I chose Isso because, amongst other thing, it allows you to import your existing Disqus hosted comments.


This is a really cool tutorial.

BTW, why aren’t and in the site showcase on the docs? They both look fantastic. Are either open source?

Thanks for the compliments!

My site designs aren’t submitted to the showcase, not for any proprietorial reasons but because:

  • I just wanted them to be quite clean & simple. So didn’t think they’d have the “wow!” factor to appeal to anyone else.

  • Given point 1 above, and that neither theme was intended for wider use, there are few “hard-wired” bits in both that I’d need to weed out first, if I wanted to make them public.

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Not sure if you want advice, but a HTTPS redirect is missing for I initially thought your second site was down when visiting it through http://.

Typo? is not a Hugo site, but a website made with Word somewhere before 2012. I can’t imagine that are Stiobhart’s current skills. :slightly_smiling:

Yes. Corrected.

Ha! Ha!

Yes. @rdwaters actually typo’d both URLs, but I decided not to pull him up about it, since he was saying nice things about my sites. It’s:

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Can you please create a video tutorial for the same on Windows 10?