How to update hugo version 0.68.3 to 0.88.0 in linux ubuntu

hlo to all, i want to use airspace theme(version is 0.83.1) but my hugo version is 0.68.3, i tried (sudo apt upgrade hugo) this command, but he said hugo has already updated version so, i am unable to update hugo version. please help me how i update my hugo version.

using sudo in ubuntu can mess with the system files if u touch any important directories by mistake. Use brew ‘Homebrew’

brew install
Check installation by using brew -v

Homebrew also avoids using your system password unlike sudo

and after this is done, use
brew install hugo

check this lnk for further details '

in future if you want to install anything else in ubuntu, try using the formula

brew search <keyword>

example: brew search hugo
for updating, use: brew upgrade <package_name>
Example: brew upgrade hugo