Installing latest version from Linux distribution repository

I am curious why sudo apt install hugo is installing version 0.111.3 instead?

Because your Debian installation is presumably the stable one (Bookworm). See

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I am using MX Linux. So, I guess it’s default kernel is the last stable version. I will ask in their forum which other kernel to use.

Is the kernel relevant here? You could try to download the latest Debian packages from Hugo’s Git repo and install that one.

I did that, but after tinkering a lot with snap and homebrew to no avail. The docs still recommend sudo apt install hugo. Apparently, only the unstable version of debian is using the current Hugo version.

Preceded by this admonition:


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I skimmed through the documentation and missed that (Linux noob, hehee). But a quick Google search popped this answer

sudo dpkg -i hugo_extended_0.126.1_linux-amd64.deb

Is this worth documenting as an alternative?

Grab the .deb binary from the latest release on Github and use your package manager to install.

Repos in the Linux distros can be out of date.


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