How to show theme at my server?

Hi. I’m very new hugo user. I started it today.
I would like to upload my website at my server.

First of all. I put the website files
to my xampp’s Apache at “htdocs” folder for as a testing.

I type “hugo -t hugo-uno” at CMD
then copy the “public” folder
and paste it into xampp’s “htdocs” folder.
I can see the text but not theme or images. Why is this happen?

I can see my website at localhost:1313 that is perfect looking.

I’m using “hugo-uno” theme.
Win10 64bit

Before I post this question. I tryed to search solution but but
I couldn’t find a answer.

Please could somebody help me out.
and sorry for my poor English sentence.

Dear Sushi, did you check baseurl as you should look to change it as per your XAMPP url as in theme this one is defined.

baseurl = ""

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Dear Mr. kamalpanhwar

It worked! Thank you very much!

I didn’t know about baseurl.:sweat_smile:
I appreciate your quick answer.:heart_eyes:

Your welcome, Happy coding.

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