Upload from my computer/localhost to my server/online - same old repetitive question

First I gotta say I’m a beginner.

I read the “Quick Start” guide and few of the similar topics on how to run the hugo command to generate the /public folder. Step by step I went through the quick start guide and followed it, and I checked these pages:

Everything works fine when I check http://localhost:1313/ after I run hugo server -D the local website and themes look shiny and good.
If I’ve got it right, the hugo command, compiles the whole local website into the folder /public ready to be uploaded.

I wanna upload the contents of /public folder to my public_html folder in cpanel. I guess that’s the way it should work, right? Yet still nothing happens. No theme, no style, and all I see is just plain text, even the links don’t work. Nothing works. It’s just plain text. What wrong turn did I take?

What have you set baseURL = in your site’s config.toml?

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It’s truly embarrassing that I forgot to set a value of that much gigantic importance.
I need this topic be closed immediately.

@tahmoores Note for the future that you can also set your baseURL from the command line, in case you need that flexibility before publishing to this or that server.

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