How to Share My Theme on Official Hugo Theme from GitLab?

I’m excited to share that I’ve successfully configured my theme, and I’m eager to contribute it to the community. You can check out the theme on GitLab: MyArchieve.

I followed the contribution guidelines mentioned on the Hugo documentation which state that I should open a pull request in the themes repository. However, my theme is hosted on GitLab, not GitHub.

Could someone guide me on how I can proceed to make a pull request from a GitLab repository?

After making your theme available online, you can include it here by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Fork and clone this repository
  2. Add your theme’s URL (e.g. in themes.txt in lexicographical order.
  3. Write a meaningful commit message (e.g. Add theme my-blog-theme).
  4. Create a pull request(PR) and ensure that Netlify deploy preview succeeds.

I don’t have a GitHub account, and I noticed that the themes.txt file is on GitHub.

Is there an alternative way for me to submit my theme for inclusion?

You need a GitHub account to submit a PR, but your theme repo can live on GitLab. All you’re doing with the PR is updating a text file.

So, I’m reaching out to see if someone from the community with a GitHub account could assist me in submitting a PR to include my theme in the repository. All I need is to have the theme URL added to the themes.txt file.

Think about that for a minute.

You’re asking someone else to submit your theme under their name/identity.

Sign up for a GH account.

A quicker method is to just click the “edit button” here:

And add the path in the right place … but you need a GitHub account to submit, but that’s both free and very easy to create.