Link a new page in theme Resume

I am using the theme called “resume”.
On the about page I need to make a link to a new page, where the site’s license goes.
I have searched the forum and it is not clear how to do it. I have done several tests without results.

I created a new page:
hugo new

that is added to \content

In the file content\ I have this:

title: “Home”
date: 2018-02-10T18: 56: 13-05: 00
priority: 1.0


  • html
  • rss
  • json

bla bla bla

[About the chosen License] (/ —> NOT WORK
About the chosen License ----> NOT WORK

I get 404 error.

The page should have the same layout as the rest of the site.
I do not understand what I’m missing, I appreciate any suggestion
Thank you


[About the chosen License]({{< ref "/" >}}) 

Not works.
The error is:

[en] REF_NOT_FOUND: Ref "/": "F:\web\paola\content\": page not found
Rebuild failed:

Logged 1 error(s)

I just discovered the error !!!
In the md file was the draft property in true!

I put draft : false
and problem solved!
thank you