Linking to the index page for a section

I have the following folder structure

  +--- sectionA
  |      |
  |      +
  |      +
  |      +
  +--- sectionB

On the page sectionA/ I want to link to the page sectionB/ After looking in the docs I tried {{< relref "sectionB/" >}} which doesn’t work, I also tried {{< relref "sectionB/" >}} which doesn’t work either. However, {{< relref "sectionB/" >}} works. How should I link to the index page?

Important to understand is the difference between and with regards to page bundles. Please read the docs:

ref and relref shortcodes can be used to link to only regular pages. The pages created by are section pages or list pages, and those cannot be referenced using those shortcodes.

I’m quite confused at the moment, I’ve tried to understand how linking works with page bundles and sections but I’m missing something. In my example above sectionA and sectionB are sections, parts of the site that will contain pages about the same subject (my way of understanding page bundles are that they are one page with supporting files).

On sectionA/ I want to refer to sectionB as a whole (the index page for that section) or a specific page in that section, for example sectionB/ Unfortunately, even after reading the pages about “ref/relref”, “new-in-032”, “shortcodes”, and “sections” I’m failing to understand how to link to sectionB.

What am I missing?

I have the same question. I have in content/handbook/ In the theme/name/layouts/_defaults/list.html I have a {{ .Content }} The page is empty. What I do made wrong?

{{ partial "header.html" . }}

<div class="grid">
  {{ .Content }}

{{ partial "footer.html" . }}


title: "Index"
date: 2018-01-03T18:48:05+01:00
draft: false
     name: Handbook
     url: /handbook/
     weight: 2

I’d just the plain old way: [Section B](/sectionB).