How to lift up footer position?

On the Terrassa theme, the footer bar slips mostly out of the bottom edge of the screen, even if there is almost no content on the page, e.g. on the Contact page. How can I change the position of the footer area that it becomes visible when there is enough space?

Hi Ralf. Welcome to the Hugo forums. Have you tried reaching out to the theme author to make them aware of the issue you’re facing?

Hi balibebas. No, I haven’t because I think it is a general question regarding positioning of areas in Hugo themes. I can ask the author as well.

Thanks for the quick reply, Ralf. It very well could be a general question. But the moment you speak of a theme it becomes unclear. Do you have a minimal test case you could provide to reproduce the issue you’re seeing? And welcome to the Hugo forums. :blush:

Just go to this page:
There you can see the the blue footer bar is almost not visible. My goal is to raise the bar so that it becomes visible without scrolling down.

Thanks, Ralf. I think what you’re looking for is a design pattern called “peeking content”. It’s often used to influence users to scroll down.

Actualy not, because there is no reason to influence the user to scroll down if the user does not have to scroll down because the footer is already visible in the first place. I’ve asked the author; lets see. Thank you balibebas.

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A little more context on peeking content, courtesy of UX Czar Jacob Neilson :

Please do keep us updated on your learnings. Cheers, friend.

I found a solution:

File: hugo/themes/terrassa/assets/css/style.css
.content {
min-height: 85vh;   /* instead of 90vh */

leads to a much better positioning of the footer.