Sticky Scrollbar on selected menu [Learn Theme]


is it possible to have the scrollbar be in the same “height” as the current menu i am ?

im in the 63. menu item but on click the scrollbar is not coming down to the active menu, it stays in the number 1. menu


any ideas?

Could you be more precise?
Maybe share your repository with the name of the files to look at (where your range/active stuff is occurring).


its occuring everywhere, what i am asking is how can i make my website have an active scrollbar. i want the scrollbar to be in the same position/height as the active menu i am

as you can see in the gif below, when i click a menu it goes back up, i want the scrollbar to staty in that position

Hi there,

That sounds like a CSS/possibly JS issue. That is not really specific to Hugo, and so it is outside the scope of this forum.

the point is that is not an issue… i never implemented such functionality.

im asking if there is a way to do it with hugo

As @pointyfar said, this isn’t caused by Hugo, but by the CSS or Javascript used in the theme. The best place to raise this problem is on the theme’s issue log on GitHub