Things I learned while creating a theme in hugo

I wrote a post about all of the things I learned while building a theme for Hugo. Maybe someone else working on a custom theme will find it useful. I posted the info to medium. I really like hugo. Thanks so much for creating it.


Thanks for sharing, some tips are new to me. I think my theme will grow by your tip for debugging – some more information about what might be possible.

For people with screen readers your pagination might be broken by not displaying anything, you could add one more span-tag with a text β€œnext” and push it out of screen by CSS.

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I did! Thanks for putting this together. Hope you’ll keep it updated with more things that you learn.

1 question on tip #10. Where do you place this code?

{{ printf "%#v" $.Site }}

Thank you!

@shiva I just put it at the bottom of my partials/footer.html to generate at the bottom of every page.

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Thanks @phi for the screen reader tip:-)