How to copyleft my website?

How do I make the copyright logo on the footer of my website the copyleft logo?

The footer is controlled by the theme you are using. Are you using PaperMod? In this case, you can set footer.hideCopyright to true in your hugo.yml: hugo-PaperMod/layouts/partials/footer.html at aa7905eaca435f15aa9cb0efc4b15459049f58c5 · adityatelange/hugo-PaperMod · GitHub

Then, add the copyleft symbol to your footer.text, followed by other text you desire.

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I’m using WonderMod.

But my theme still has the default footer, whereas my website’s footer is what I wrote in layouts/partials/footer.html

I can’t find any of these in either layouts/partials/footer.html or themes/WonderMod/layouts/partials/footer.html

Since you are not using PaperMod, the answer above doesn’t apply since it was a recent addition to PaperMod. WonderMod says it regularly rebase upstream PaperMod. You can request WonderMod to speed up rebasing so the feature to modify footer would become available: Issues · Wonderfall/hugo-WonderMod · GitHub

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Thanks, but unfortunately I don’t have a GitHub count, and I don’t plan on using any of Microsoft’s products.

Basically, just look for the piece of code related to the Copyright generation your theme is using.

Once you find it, remove it and manually add / hardcode your own “Copyright” footer, with the Copyleft symbol.

Copyright notices are usually found in a theme’s footer template, so you can look there for your specific theme.

You can check some of my sites with a customer Copyright notice footer showing a Copyleft symbol.

I manually removed the theme’s copyright code and hardcoded my copyright notice footer. It is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

Of course, if you are creating a theme you want to share with others later, you shouldn’t hardcode it. ^_~

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Except as far as I can tell (please correct me if I’m wrong), these sites aren’t open-source.

Whether a site is “open source” is not related to copyright / copyleft.