Avatars and logos deform

Hi everybody ! I am currently using the DoIt theme and encounter this problem. Before, both the logo and Avatar were fine, but today when I looked at it again, they became like below. Does anyone have a way to fix this problem? Thanks everyone .

Could be a CSS issue.
Please do share your repository. You can find more information on requesting help here

This is my repo, sir : h4sh1334r/h4sh1334r.github.io

This is my first time i use Hugo so i don’t know how to fix. Thank you so much.

It’s nothing to do with Hugo, I think. You should look at your website in a browser’s developer tools and investigate what the CSS does with your logos and avatars. I’d guess that your CSS (or rather that of the theme) sets a fixed height/width for the images, thus distorting them.

But as I said: That’d be a CSS issue, not a Hugo one.

Please contact the theme author for assistance:

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Can you see my repo pls. Thank you so much.

Thank you,sir

Looks ok to me:

As I said: Use your browser’s developer tools to determine what went wrong.