How to change Hugo's post image

I want to change hugo’s post image.

title = "how to read the book"
draft = false
date = "2017-01-25T21:39:26-06:00"
image = "book.jpg"

Hello World. New Book Review.

I put book.jpg under mywebsite/static/images/ directory. But the post still using the default image.

Any suggestions?

Without knowing more, is it not finding that image and using the default as a fallback for a 404? Perhaps image = "static/images/book.jpg" would work.

What theme are you using? There’s probably something in the appropriate template file but, again, without knowing more I can’t help more than that.

I solved this issue by changing image = “book.jpg” to thumbnail = “images/book.jpg”

I followed the official guide from originally. It is very confusing.

Hey I’ve also come across the same problem in the quickstart tutorial. Neither your nor @Don_Li’s solution works for me. So basically the tutorial is wrong (or it’s because of the update of the theme ROBUST). I wonder if I can find a “standard” solution? This seems newbie-unfriendly lol