Replace image in pre build image in a Hugo Theme

Hi Team… I am completely new to this and seeking some help and guidance as I am new to programming as well.

I have created a hugo site using the below Theme .
Theme - Parsa-Hugo

I would like to replace the images with my custom ones but this is is not displaying .

I did place the images in Static/images folder and referenced in config file as well but something is wrong.

Hi @tompaps,

Hopefully, we can help you out here. The best way for us to help is if you can provide a link to your git repository…that way we can see what you’ve tried and where you’ve gone wrong.

@funkydan2 : Thanks for your prompt response. Much appreciated. I have uploaded the work @

Hi @tompaps, there doesn’t appear to be any repositories there.

I just uploaded it and it seems it isn’t the right way . Trying to host the pages in github

Does the image dimensions a reason why its not fitting ? . Where can I change those to fit the original one.