Images not showing on my blog

Hello everyone, i just started using a new hugo theme and i couldn’t make images show on my blog can someone please help me fix this,
my blog:
my repo:

Do a right click on your website and click “Inspect”. Depending on your browser you need to find a tab called “console” to find errors. Then you see that the image under is missing. I would expect that image to reside at static/images/logo-santekno.png. If it does: Post a public repo that we can look at. If it’s not there: copy it there and it will appear.

oops… you posted your repo :wink: The image is not in your static/images directory.

what about the post list thumbnail/images they are not working even in the static/images folder
if you do a right click on the antutu post and click open image on new tab you will get this link that give a 404 error the link should be like this im pretty sure the problem is in this partial but i don’t know how to fix it i tried many things but nothing worked

Randomly checking your posts:

It expects an image in the static/images/ directory.

Where did you get the theme from? They must have a documentation.

i just found it on github i looked for a documentation but i didn’t find any