How do we report moderators for bad behavior?

Hi all – I don’t see a code of conduct anywhere on the Discourse site here, or on GitHub. I’d like to report, document, and/or have a discussion about moderator behavior. This behavior includes personal insults and profane language, which was very surprising to say the least – it just sort of came out of nowhere, and caused me to ditch this forum for over a year.

Now I’m seeing similar behavior, and this time the behavior has led to bugs I reported being ignored, only to be hurriedly fixed in 0.47.1 when reported by someone else.

How are we supposed to handle unprofessional moderator behavior, profane insults, etc.?


I’m sorry for your experience.

If this is about that almost 2 year old post you flagged earlier -that I reviewed- then I sincerely think that it was more of a comment made in the heat of a discussion and not a personal insult aimed at you in particular.

However I acknowledge that the language used in that comment could be more polite and I will make sure to contact the other moderator to let him know.

If this is about bug reports on GitHub not every issue opened is addressed and that has been like that forever. There are very few volunteers maintaining the Hugo project and there is never enough time.

You use the Flag tool like you did earlier and in the drop down menu that opens, you choose the option Something Else, then a message window opens and that’s pretty much how you send a message to all forum moderators.

But to be honest I have not seen the kind of behavior you describe from Forum moderators.

And as I said above I think that you read too much into that old comment.



Can you PM me linking to some concrete examples of “personal insults and profane language”.

Also, I do not ignore bugs. It may sometimes take some time before I or someone else find time/priority to fix it, but your example does not make sense to me, so please elaborate. 0.47.1 was released on Monday. It fixed two issues introduced in 0.47 that was released on Friday.

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It has come to my attention that this comment of mine is the source of some of the concerns raised in this topic:

So, I should not have used the word “bullshit”. That I can agree. I could have used the word “nonsense”. As in, “this doesn’t make any sense to me” – which a statement talking about how Hugo is not about URL handling still is to me.

So, I’m sorry about the word used, but there need to be some room for opnions on this forum.


Discourse Meta recommends flagging posts from these mods. However, it may be possible mods remove content for subjective personal reasons at a detriment to the community. And those, unfortunately, cannot be flagged. In that case it’s probably best to notify one of the owners with examples of the behavioral patterns.

In my experience I’ve recognized a pattern of one-upsmanship in support posts which was mitigated when the selected answer plug-in was added. Unfortunately that doesn’t address moderator behaviors. Here are some I’ve seen recently from mods which made the community feel less welcoming in my opinion:

  • ESL discrimination
  • Public shaming (a form of cyberbullying)
  • Topics deleted without prior policy
  • Curt responses

Ping me if you’re interested in examples.

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“Bullshit” is not profane, by any modern measure.

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Nor is Fuck In the context of a FLOSS license.

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Haha, you mean this:

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To the best of my knowledge I have not seen the pattern you describe.

What are you referring to? A pattern of marking topics as SOLVED?

Please do PM me with examples of the above. Also if you can CC this message to @bep and @maiki

Yes. I’ve researched it extensively over the last year after learning about it in a post from Jeff Atwood. Unfortunately it was found unsuitable for use in FLOSS software promoted on the Hugo forums.

Don’t worry @bep. Bullshit remains bullshit - even if you call it ‘nonsense’. I did not ever see unprofessional moderator behavior or anything else here. Much more I’m very grateful for all the help I got here in the beginning of my Hugo journey and still today where I can also answer some questions here in this forum.

I never forget that I don’t pay a dime for Hugo and it makes me money. So keep the great work you all are doing up.

Thank you from Germany,


Now that After Dark (using WTFPL after rights were infringed on the theme site) was delisted from the site I’m happy to provide examples in a more neutral setting.

Unfortunately I do not have Telegram neither do I plan to install it now.

I’m sorry that you feel that this Forum is not a neutral setting for you.

But your After Dark theme was removed because it’s in a self hosted Git repository and self hosting Git comes with various security issues.

If you host your theme on GitLab or BitBucket etc I suppose that @bep and @digitalcraftsman would be more than happy to have your theme listed again on the Hugo website.

Also I think that you need to provide examples of what you described above without asking us to join Telegram. A private message to me and the other moderators would do.


What does this mean? EPL in Google shows for me soccer results from England, and ‘kurt’ is defined by Wikipedia as ‘wolf’ in Turkish or ‘counselor/advisor’ in English.

This thread is about to get out of hand… so I’m going to end my part with this:

I see a lot of “entitlement arguments” which, when you think really hard about it, does not make much sense. This is an open source project. People spend their free time on this, and will spend that time however they want. I.e. they willl answer the forum questions they know something about, some will be ignored or answered “kurtly” because of time constraints. That same logic applies to the rules and regulations we set on the GitHub repositories: They are there to save time, to make this as effective as possible. We have 250+ themes now, and this isn’t @digitalcraftsman or @alexandros 's full time day job. So we add some rules for what and how we accept themes. We may get even stricter about that in the future as we grow. Same logic applies to the “GitHub’s issue tracker is for bugs and feature requests only, questions belong on the forum”. Without these rules, this project would collapse.


Foreshadowing? It’s cool. We’re all adults here.

Anyway if anyone is interested in creating an alternative theme site with a new set of vetting requirements and content upgrades such as paid video content please hit me up.

I believe you’re mistaken. After Dark and all modules are hosted on NPM. If you have security issues with the Node package registry it may be best to take that up with their maintainers.

I believe that you have been given an adequate explanation regarding the new security policy for themes by the lead developer of the Hugo Project in this topic. Also here is the commit with the security policy change, in case you haven’t seen it.

I honestly think that you need to open an issue in the Themes Repo on GitHub about re-adding After Dark. This thread is not the place for that.

Also as you know the Hugo Themes website Build Script does not use NPM but Git repositories to generate theme demos.



@jhabdas stop this thread trolling. I was about to use a louder word, but then I remembered.


I’ll fully admit that I can get a bit hot under the collar in here, but it’s my natural instinct to react when people are putting down a project (or even project documentation) in a hostile manner without offering alternatives or without focusing energy on a single issue. I do this instead of, for example, deleting posts arbitrarily, although I sometimes change thread titles in hopes of making them easier to understand for the community (and aside from adding “[SOLVED]”, I make sure the original poster is okay with it).

That said, when I do flip out, I try to follow up with a DM to the original poster to make sure the community was able to handle the request.

Arguments over discriminatory practices, however, especially when presented in such a categorical way, @jhabdas, feel like baiting arguments that try and create, rather than address, real problems. As for ESL, it’s my own shortcoming that I speak only English; I wish I could provide better support to the full international user base on here. I wish I had more time in general.

If for any reason I have offended anyone on this forum, know the opinions and responses are entirely my own and do not reflect the Hugo team.