How do I put a linebreak in a json file to show in a template?

I am using json to build some tables, idea is user will do something like this:

“name”: “some name here”,
“description”: “some description here”

this way the people creating content for the site can easily see what content they are editing (instead of fiddling with

and whatnot)

Problem is: how I put linebreaks into the description for example? I tried “markdownify” and /n/r but the result was a

instead of

Put <br/> in the descrption text and render it with {{ .description | safeHTML }}

I was hoping something better though, this kinda defeats the purpose, that was avoid excessive html tags in the content source.

To be fair, yer kinda bending the purpose of JSON. :slight_smile:

you can put anything else as a line break in JSON
Replace it later to <br/>