Parsing linebreaks while rendering data from json file

Hey folks, long time listener first time caller.

I’ve got a json data file formatted as such. I’m having issues rendering the json within my template due to the presence of a carriage return inside the json. As is, the json does not render.

My intended output is to have the extra line break interpreted as a br. I’d be willing to live with the line break stripped out and rendered…

Here’s what the json looks like.

{ "shortname":"widget", "reviews":[ {"date":"2016-01-01", "content":"it is an *awesome* widget.

I really like it."
“content”:“this is a one line review without a carriage return.”

And here’s how I reference it inside my template.

{{ range .Site.Data}} {{ if eq .shortname $shortname}}

{{ range sort .reviews “date” “desc”}}
{{ .content | markdownify }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{ end}}

Has anyone run into this issue before? Is this a quirk of Hugo, and do y’all have any advice on workarounds? Or, do I need to somehow catch this on the data input side?

To close this thread, I ended up just fixing this by processing the data when I stored it, rather than on the render side.