How can I make Hugo generate permalinks on Mac OSX file system using UTF-8?

I’m a Mac user and would like to use UTF-8 character in URL.
I read this trouble shooting but this is not my situation. The problem is that href link Hugo generates is encoded in UTF8-Mac, which means that when clicking a link, I get 404 error.

Here is an example.

$ hugo new test_site
$ cd test_site
$ hugo new ダミー.md // This is a Japanese character 
$ vi content/ダミー.md // delete line "draft = true"
$ hugo

Then, it genereted sitemap.xml, and in that file, a link for ダミー.md is

which is encoded by UTF8-Mac
but what I want is

which is encoded by UTF8.

What can I do about this?

It does not reproduce in hugo 0.31.1.