Files compiled on mac with wrong encoding

I am not sure whether this is a problem of hugo or of rsync.

I am working on two machines, a linux box and a mac book. Files generated and rsync’ed to my server on the linux box have no problem. There are tag files with german umlauts (äöü).

When I compile the files on my mac book and rsync them to the server I get a 404 because the files get a wrong encoding.

Is there a switch in hugo or rsync which would prevent this?

Not sure about rsync, but I’m pretty confident that Hugo produces valid UTF-8 files.

You’re right. Mac OS X ships with rsync 2.6.9 without the --iconv option I would need if I rsync between mac and linux server.

I’m on mac syncing to centos, and had to do this:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -avz --delete --iconv=UTF-8-MAC,UTF-8 /tmp/mysite/ me@host:/home/me/path/to/site