How can I judge the quality of a theme?

I wouldn’t go that far, but I noticed that many themes have bad links, like their Demo link is dead.

There are also many themes that seem to be designed for something else and then ported into Hugo somehow. And some themes simply don’t work out of the box.

Some themes seem to get updates just to stay near the top, a creation date would maybe help.

IMHO, a comment section on the Hugo theme page might help. And more filter/sorting options.

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LOL, as I said, a disaster.

A new theme selector with advanced filtering is available at

More filters will be added, and there is an open discussion about that.

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some quality markers to add?

Last update, open/closed issues,number of downloads etc…

some quality markers to add?

Last update, open/closed issues,number of downloads etc…

You should already be able to sort the themes by “Last update”, are you?

number of downloads

The “Popularity” button is based on the amount of stars on GitHub, there’s maybe room for improvement here. Forks could be added for example

open/closed issues

Some themes are manually ‘featured’ (i.e. upvoted on the homepage list, using the Front Matter weight)

This is done after a review* of a bunch of criteria and a basic “theme repo health check” is done. The open/closed issues are parsed on the way.

*This review is informal so far, and these criteria could be based on a community-driven elaboration I would love to discuss

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I’m not sure what’s so bad about SASS? For me it seems a mark of (on average) better quality if someone or a theme uses it. I mean it’s unfortunate that this particular library isn’t updated anymore, but I’m not sure that actually matters that much for now?

Your question is about a comment I made in Jan 2021 -almost a year ago-. I don’t think that I want to have a discussion about the merits of SASS in this forum.

You can have a look at a relatively recent discussion about SASS over at the DEV community: