HUGO gh-pages error

I have my blog MD files under content/blog/ and articles under content/articles. I can read them when I do hugo server in my local environment but on github pages when I click on my blogs it gives me 404 error. This is my repo GitHub - ArkaprabhaChakraborty/ . What should I do?

Rename every file to Search the documentation for “page bundles.”

And change the date values in front matter to a valid date string.

If I change every to then the homepage is not getting rendered.

└── blog        <-- Section, because first-level dir under content/
    ├── funny-cats
    │   ├──
    │   └── kittens         <-- Section, because contains
    │       └──
    └── tech                <-- Section, because contains

Nope didn’t help. Blogs and projects section is still showing 404 and I have made the changes as said.

Can anyone help me out :slight_smile: ?

Just delete articles/ and blog/ :sweat_smile:

Nope :). Doesn’t work either

Hey!!! surprise it actually works now :slight_smile: . Just need one help … I want my /home to be my root URL, ie should show the same “page” as the current “/home”.