Help with Universal theme

Hi, did you end up getting help with the tab for team?

I am having the same issue here.

What’s this about?

I gotcha.

Team is a not a separate page you can link to. Team is a partial that shows data from /data/team directory.

/data/team/ contains yaml files where you can add the data for your team members.

Enable/disable Team in config.toml file for display on home page.

    enable = true

To add a new page called, you need to create /content/ and then link it from the config.toml file in the [menu] section.

Show the code you used.
Show hugo error messages exactly.

I just looked at the code, since I also use this theme (heavily customized and no updated or in sync with this theme anymore)

hugo-universal-theme/layouts/page/single.html at master · devcows/hugo-universal-theme · GitHub seems to say:

            {{ if isset .Params "id" }}

              {{ partial . }}

            {{ else }}

This is the line giving the error, and its loading a partial called whatever is, which seems … wrong. It should load a partial template here, unless is the partial template, but why would it be? This single page however using this single template, doesn’t have a frontmatter called id.

This may possibly be a bug in the theme. I’m not sure. I cloned this theme years ago and customized it myself not realizing I was going out of sync with it. I don’t have this bit of code my version.

I imagine this should give a problem on any single page you add in /content that uses this /page/single.html template.

Yea I did that and it works nice, just need to add content