Adding a page to Universal theme

I’m super new to web dev in general

We are using the Universal theme for the site – I am attempting to add a new page (Team), that links from the nav baron the Home page. I got the link to show in the nav bar(that was easy); but when i add the file for into the \content directory, i get the following error:

Building sites … ERROR 2018/06/14 23:19:50 Error while rendering “page” in “”: template: theme/page/single.html:21:17: executing “theme/page/single.html” at <partial .>: error calling partial: Partial “team” not found

I can’t figure out what i need to do - any help would be very appreciated!

This is more something you should ask the theme developer(s) because it’s more a theme question than something about hugo. It looks like the theme tries to include a partial called theme.html but hugo cannot find it and thus fails. I cannot say more without looking at the code of the theme but as said, the theme developer(s) can help you better


Thanks - I will reach out to them. I appreciate the feedback.