Basic understand on partial and Hugo-Universal-Theme

OK - I pick up Hugo every 6 months or so for a project. This is enough time for me to forget the basics and have to pick through the docs and jog my memory. Tonight I’m struggling with something and feels like there is a basic item I’m forgetting and not connecting.

I’ve got content structured like this:

All the files are calling out a partial by using id=“xxxxx” in the top of the file. and are correctly calling their respective partial in the partials folder. However and seem to be calling a default in the theme folder.

I’m using the Hugo-Universal-Theme.

I’d like to call a specific partial in the layouts/partial folder. I’m missing something since they are going to the default in the theme.


Looking at the theme’s single page template, this should work. See the logic here

Make sure you are setting the id param to an existing partial

Yes, I agree that it should be working, though I suspect it has something to do with the fact that is in a folder. Maybe? It seems so obvious, yet I’m not seeing it.

Int he there is id = “about”. To troubleshoot, I use that exact same id in the And post1 still shows up using something out of default. Maybe it is something with folder and references?


On second glance, yep. So that template logic for inserting a partial by id param is only in the single page template, not in the single post template.

Ok, Ok…you are helping me think through this.

Those items in the post folder I think of as a ‘getting started’ guide as oppose to something like a blog.
Would it be best to have those at the root of Content folder instead of in a folder? I think of those md files as a collection of all the same content as one flows from one page to the next. And I’d like specific formatting on those getting started articles, thus my desire to have a partial.