Adding Page to Single Page Theme (URL Routing)

Hey all, just started messing around with Hugo and it seems pretty slick and intuitive so far. One thing I’m having trouble with is how to add a new page to a single page theme. I’m thinking this is probably due to my not fully understanding how Hugo does URL routing and template rendering.

Specifically I have been tinkering with the Agency theme ( ). I like the theme but I want to add individual pages for each of the services and link to them from the homepage. Basically I would like new pages at the urls /service1, /service2, etc.

I looked around in the theme and saw how the profile was using the config file and how the index.html pulled in the partials. So my plan was to copy the index.html file to reuse the header, nav, footer, etc. and then modify a partial for my new page content…

My confusion came when I realized I had no idea how to route to the new html file I was going to create. I’m not actually sure how the theme is calling/rendering its index.html file?

Any help here would be appreciated. I feel like I’m getting tripped up on a very simple part