Help set up simple site from scratch for youth development org

I am looking at setting up a relatively simple hugo site for a regional youth development organization.

The few features we need:

  • a structure to post projects and general info
  • blog - both reader and publisher views
  • including photo and video gallery
  • a calendar (for events,etc)

The idea is for you to help set up the templates and then the kids take ownership for the exact setup and maintenance.

I think this is a 5 day job - maybe split into two 2-3 day sessions. Budget to be discussed in person when the time comes.

So for this I am looking for someone experienced who has done all this before.

Looking forward to hearing from you great Hugo experts out there!

we can do this task for you. we do charge around usd 1200 for 5 day ( 40 hours task ) . Is that something ok for you.

Hi guys - do you have some Hugo examples you have done before? In particular something that might include a blog (viewing and publishing), events calendar - something of this nature?


Sure, best example is our own website :

It is in hugo and is we have a very successful running business out if the site. The SEO on hugo is unbeatable
Viewing and publishing we will make using a headless cms integrated with hugo and events calendar we will implement using javascript

We can create a fixed scope documentation, 5 days work.

Awesome - thank you, and sold!

I can prepare some of the details - and let’s write up the scope together. If you could - please email me at and we can set up a scoping session!

ok please close the topic here and I will reach out via email.