Data Driven Content

Hi (newbie question).

Having generated a page with a list of items from a data file (/Shop/Products/index.html), I would like to create an item details page for each item in the data file, (so /Shop/Products/Item123/index.html). Is this possible? I don’t want to have to create a content file for each item.


Or is it just I am thinking of this the wrong way round. Instead of creating/generating a data file and using range/loops to create a product listing, what I should do is create/generate content files and then use single and list templates.

Hugo is a static site generator. So, even if it has some dynamic tools, it is static to the core.

So, the first approach isnt’ (in my head) possible. If that is what you want/need, Hugo may not be for you.

It is, however, possible to mix data from data files with markdown, keeping the dynamic stuff in json files (prices …) and formattet product description in markdown.