Dynamic pages - datafile

How do i let hugo create pages from a data file?

An association have all members stored in a datafile and want to create a page for everyone from an template page.

Write a script/program that generates the wanted pages. I.e. not currently supported directly by Hugo, but it has been discussed. Search for it.

If you have something like data/members.yml, then you can use the datafile in a template to do what you want – in this case the members would be elements of .Site.Data.members. I’m doing something similar to enumerate the authors of my site and it works very well.

See here for more details.

Hugo creates pages for taxonomy terms. You need to create a taxonomy (members), the elements of which is generated from the front matter of content files. By taxonomy pages you can link additional data from the datafile. In version 0.17, it was very easy to do, because the taxonomy terms were kept in their original form. In version 0.18, to do a little more difficult but also possible.
This is done in Hugo 0.17.

Can you please explain this a little bit more? I am very interested in this technique!

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