Using this theme , non of the images are coming up on the homepage.

I made all the Config changes , still no luck.

any insights please ? Thank you,

You need to post more information if you want someone to help you. Best would be a link to your repository.

Also, you might want to take a look at your HTML in your browser’s developer tools. What does it tell you about the URLs of your images?

Thank you for the reply, here’ my repo: GitHub - laithse1/mypersonalWebsite: My website

I checked my HTML , did not find any issues.


The assets directory doesn’t do what you think it does.

Assuming that you’re not serving your site from a subdirectory, you can do this:

# Set a background for the homepage
backgroundImage = "/images/screenshot.jpg"
└── images/
    ├── screenshot.jpg
    └── tn.png

And please clean up your front matter.

- post
- posts

The type field is a string, not an array, and there’s no need to specify “type: posts” when the content is in the “posts” directory. The “type” is inferred from the top level directory name if not specified in front matter.

Thank you for the details. made the changes.

I think one last issue I have is that I am expecting the social icons at the bottom to show up in those circles below but that’s not happening. any insight on that ? Thank you,

See docs, and please raise further questions with the theme author.