Styles Not Working on GitHub

Really odd, some my theme styles for my hugo site do not work on post pages and anything other than he index on the GitHub server, however they do locally. Not only this but for some reason I cannot get Hugo to work with the Netlify CMS correctly as on the /admin it doesn’t do anything if I try to login through Github or Google. It just ends up being admin/#/ and thats it, I’ve looked at a lot of the docs but cannot find anything. Heres my links:

Test Website:

Here is an example of whats happening:


If anyone knows a solution to these problems I would be most grateful, thanks.

It cannot load the css files. Have you setup the baseURL in the config file to point to your netlify URL?

No I haven’t I left it blank, does that solve it

Okay I tried that, nothing has changed.

Wait it worked!! thanks!, I now just have this admin backend issue

Great. I have never used Netlify so I cannot help with that.