Just getting my site going with a simple theme

For the life of me, I’m super busy but for a month I’m trying to get my jekyll site gideondsouza.com on to hugo and then off to netlify.

But theme after theme either I need a million configs and what nots to set. All i want is a simple dumb blog that just works and doesn’t invole twiddling and debugging. Sorry about the rant but today I thought I would give the universal theme :https://github.com/devcows/hugo-universal-theme again the many buttons and knobs to play with. i decided to just go to the example site:

but of course the blog list doesn’t work

all pages work except the blog home
after doing hugo server in the exampleSite dir i see : (upload://hC1N6g5jZ4Ngk4tIWLV1t02chUt.png)

in the End, is there any simple no giant config blog theme that works ?
The other thing : it would really nice if anyone had some idea about what the problem is with this theme. I know it’s two things in one post… :confused:

Me too, but these rants followed by “sorry about the rant” doesn’t come off as particularly motivational. Just a tip for later.

The commits for that theme are like a year ago, so, I would guess that the latest version of hugo has something that does not quite work with it. It might be better to open a github issue on that repo and ask directly.

Also you can get more verbose feedback on the cli by using the --verbose flag. This is something like what I use to start my hugo server in a zsh function:

 hugo server --navigateToChanged --buildDrafts --watch --verbose --source="/path/to/my/repo" --config="/path/to/my/repo/config.toml" --port=1333

Looking at that theme, it needs work for sure and is not set up for the latest versions of hugo. Look at:

If you look into layouts/_default in its git repo, you can see there’s a baseof.html? That is the “new” way of doing things, so, as you sift thru themes, it’s one clue that it has been updated for the latest. The one you’re considering hasn’t so would need some surgery before using.

I’m not sure. I don’t think Hugo currently appeals to many people that want just a simple, no-frills blog (but maybe it does, I don’t think we are measuring that or anything). I use Heather Hugo, which is fairly basic.

I think in time we will get a bunch of blog themes. But not yet! :slight_smile:

sorry about the rant. I got personal :slightly_frowning_face: but, I had a jekyll sit for years, it looked ugly, add i wanted was to add another post and that landed into a slew of version/ updates and compatibility. I then meandered around wordpress, but I just wanted a site up quick. I tried about 4-5 or themes which needed playing with all kinda million options, i didn’t seem to get what I saw as the demo I wanted something that just worked out of the works. anyway I logged an issue and. the whole thing seems to be fixed now.

Anyway I was sick then and clogged. now i’m on a sabbatical and have free time. if there is any contribution required somewhere I’d be very eager to do it.

you’re right, sorry about that