Having trouble deploying to GoDaddy

Hello, I’m pretty new to using Hugo but I’ve put together a simple blog. I thought I was all set to upload it to my GoDaddy host. But when I did, the site lost it’s theme and all the links lead to a 404 error page.

###My process for uploading

  1. I ran hugo, making sure I was in the site’s root folder
    • It generated everything to a “public” folder within the site’s files.
  2. I compressed the contents of the “public” folder in a zip folder
  3. I uploaded the .zip folder to my GoDaddy server on the root of the blog’s domain
  4. I extracted the contents into the root

###The Result
####When I’m viewing from localhost:1313

####And when I’m viewing the live site

Here’s The blog if that helps.

I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing. But I don’t know what I went wrong. Thanks for any help you can give!


My first guess would be you forgot to set the baseURL correctly.

Once again, @bep to the rescue. Thanks, man!