Has any one implemented sticky side bar, need some reference

I need to implement sticky side bar on my hugo-clarity theme based website (https://jhooq.com)

Any good references or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
It would be really nice if someone could share some github repo where it has been already implemented?


You will be surprised, but this is not a Hugo feature. It’s just some HTML and CSS:


Hugo themes:

Zzo theme (GitHub - zzossig/hugo-theme-zzo: Make a blog with hugo zzo theme!) uses sticky sidebar when viewing posts. I use it here: techmagus

Dream theme (GitHub - g1eny0ung/hugo-theme-dream: 🌱 Hugo theme named Dream.) also have a sticky sidebar when viewing posts but it doesn’t work in Firefox, however it works great in Chromium-based browsers. I use it here: YOOki Chronicles

I hope it helps.

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