Sticky nav not working on published site

I have started to switch from Wordpress to Hugo for my website and so far I am finding the process fun and interesting, especially trying to use my (non-expert) HTML and CSS skills.

I am using the Hugo-Initio theme and have been hacking away at it, piece by piece to build my own site. However, I have come across an issue where the nav bar sticks and behaves normally when running Hugo locally, but after pushing to GitHub, and having an action push that through to another repo, the nav bar does not stick on the live site here.

My main repo is currently private, however, I have my old code with the header section untouched here I have two css files, custom.css file contains my edits and style.css came with the theme.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Perfect. Thanks @jmooring

I changed the .toml file to point to https:// instead of http://

May I ask what you used to debug the issue?

Browser console. On Chrome it’s

Ctrl + Shift + I

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