I created an SPA with Hugo in a manual-esqe format

Check it out here!

Github repo here!

I wanted to leverage Hugo to allow for both an SPA experience as well as a static site, for users who preferred to browse without javascript enabled. While it is a little ways (both in implementation and documentation) from becoming a theme, I thought I would show off my work and ask what could be improved, and what Hugo features I may be missing out on.

The content of the pages are also supposed to be somewhat informative about usage of semantic HTML and considerations for content served, so if there’s anything you disagree with there, I would love to hear about it.

It doesn’t render well on phone. May be you can update the CSS to make the site responsive.

Oof, swing and a miss on my part. That appears to be with the Firefox mobile browser, which apparently has needs some special instructions to manage sticky position. I’ll add that as an issue, as well as setting mobile screen to default to landscape mode where possible.