Gitlab introduces Gitlab pages, has inbuilt support for Hugo

I came across a post on Hacker news and though of sharing here. Like Github supports Jekyll, Gitlab introduces the static site feature, which supports Jekyll, Middleman, Hexo, Hugo, Pelican, etc.,

I didn’t get time to test it myself. If anyone used it, please share your thoughts.


This is pretty nice. I wish my company ran Gitlab EE so I could have my internal website using Hugo but alas we are not a dev company :smiley:

I have just tested it!

  1. Created a new account by just using my GitHub account.
  2. Created a new project.
  3. Cloned my GitHub Hugo project directly from GitHub to GitLab.
  4. Renamed it to
  5. Created a .gitlab-ci.yml file with image: publysher/hugo
  6. It automatically built.
  7. Checked my url: and there it was publyshed! :raised_hand:

From start to finish 30 min. I had problems with the left menu it changes very subtle and there are no sub-menus, so suddenly there are new menu items, so it was frustrating to find the files.

But other than that it was easy peasy! The process is almost identical to GitHub Pages.

Probably there will be a GitLab integration soon. :tada:

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