Gitlab pages hosting, GitInfo

This is more of call for opinion rather than a desperate cry for help.

I just updated my site configuration to reflect an update to the docs that changed the suggested image container from monachus to Gitlab’s own container registry.

The update led to a GitLab pipeline error that seems to be due to the Gitlab image not including Git which makes a certain amount of sense.

There are a few solutions that seem apparent, but it got me wondering why there was a change to the docs and what preferred images other people are using.

There is also the question of whether the docs should better quantify the limitations of the suggested Gitlab image in regards to other documented variables like .GitInfo. Or maybe provide a short, basic list of alternative images and their limitations, e.g that the extended image is needed for those that use SASS…

…hmm not sure. I guess I’m just curious about what others are using and why.

I honestly think that Gitlab is a completely unreliable service not meant for deploying websites.

Try something else. Netlify is fine, Cloudflare Pages have been improved, even GitHub Pages have lots of cool features these days (with GitHub Actions etc).

Just migrate your project out of there.

I have good experience with Gitlab pages, should I avoid it in the long run?
(If so, could you please elaborate?)

I second Netlify, works flawless (actually I’m deploying public pages from a private Gitlab repo, I don’t think it’s possible with Github)

BTW, I’m using
I would not recommend to use :latest as you can end up – without any notice – building your website with a new Hugo version introducing breaking changes

Ha! That is almost certainly the best advice (if it wasn’t for the infant induced insomnia I’d feel more shamed by my inaction). I guess I was kind of exploring the moot conversation - for those committed to GitLab pages for whatever random reason.

That is why I followed the suggestion of the updated documentation and made the change away from the monachus image - for the ability to specify hugo version and that the monachus image seems to be falling behind.

I suppose the Venn diagram overlap between Gitlab pages users and .GitInfo users and users who lean heavily on the documentation is probably a pretty small overlap. However if someone does fall into that sector then the current documentation could be clearer.

They are rather carefree with their updates.

They have changed their IP address for their domain twice without proper notice.

I migrated away the second time they made this change in the same manner and I have never looked back.

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