Anyone using Gitlab Pages Example Hugo site? Help & suggestions needed

i would like to fork gitlab pages examples hugo

my limitations :

  • doesn’t have access desktop or laptop
  • stable internet connection

my queries :

  • does hugo change rapidly [ i mean dropping support after couple of years ]
  • is it easy to modify files using gitlab web interface [ i want it to be wcag 2.1 level aaa compliant as much as possible ]
  • can i upload theme
  • is there any online theme generator [ i dont like social network links and comments ] with a
    lot of options


PS : do we have wcag 2.1 level aaa compliant theme.

Usually there are notifications in the Release notes and warnings are printed in the console about deprecated features. However there have been a few breaking changes in the past since Hugo has been rewritten a few times and it is still in v.0.59.1

You may edit Markdown content files online with the editor provided by

The themes used in that repo reside in this directory. So you can upload another theme for your use in your fork.

No there isn’t an online theme generator for Hugo, but there is the Hugo Themes Showcase featuring several themes that you may want to have a look at.

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