Generated post page is empty [Solved]

I am brand new to Hugo and it seems that my generated page is empty. Here’s what I have tried so far:

  1. I’ve read the documentation and watched the intro video.
  2. My site seems to generate fine after hugo site new .
  3. I see my site structure so I create a post. hugo new post/ Indeed that page gets created.
  4. I then edit the page above to get rid of the draft status and put in some content.
  5. Then I run the server: hugo server -w.
  6. I see this as the output:
0 draft content
0 future content
1 pages created
0 paginator pages created
0 tags created
0 categories created
in 8 ms
Watching for changes in /Users/danny/Sites/experiments/hugo/content
Serving pages from /Users/danny/Sites/experiments/hugo/public
Web Server is available at http://localhost:1313/

I then go the URL but see nothing. I look in the code and see index.html at /public/post/welcome/index.html but it is empty, no code within. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

This is my config.toml file:

baseurl = "http://localhost:1313/"
contentdir = "content"
layoutdir = "layouts"
publishdir = "public"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "My New Hugo Site"

Ah, well it seems I needed to have at least one theme installed. Rookie error.