Hugo Server: empty page from server but correct content in /public

Coder learning Hugo/webstuff here so could be a rookie error…

I have a test site with pages in /content all generating and rendering OK with hugo server. This is nice!

Then I added /content/logs// and /content/logs// etc. There is a template: /layouts/logs/list.html and a in /archetypes.

  • hugo new generates expected front matter
  • hugo -D -v runs without error and generates all expected files in /public including /public/logs//index.html with expected content in this file. Also generates /public/logs//log1/index.html etc and these too have expected content.

BUT when I run hugo -D -v server and link to I get a blank page. Not a 404. Blank page with just a pair of

 tags in source view.  Cannot get any content.  All other pages are still OK, it’s just the material that I added under /logs that is not appearing in server mode.

I don’t understand why hugo generator mode produces a /public dir that is as I expect, but server mode shows some pages as blank. No errors to guide me, so hope someone can suggest.

Otherwise, Hugo has been a fantastic find and is a great piece of work. Hope this is just a rookie error.

In order to assist you, we need to see your site’s source code to recreate the issue you are having. Please share a link to it.

As @maiki says, a source would make us able to help you.

But if I would guess, I would say that this was a timing issue. Hugo is rendering in parallell, so and it is possible to define to pages to end up in the same location on disk. We have an open issue about creating some better warnings in this case.

Thanks for responses. Did not put source up at first in case this was a pattern that someone could identify easily.

I will try to cut down the source to a minimal demonstration - maybe that will lead to a solution anyhow?

Will report back.

OK, worked thru a minimal case and it turns out - my bad, did not fully understand the rendering flow and misinterpreted the output in /public.

So all OK, nothing to see here.

Thanks again for Hugo!