Free Opensource ecommerce Backend for Static Hugo Site

I am researching moving from Drupal to Hugo.

With a static site some sort of backend is needed to make payments work for Paypal or Squareup.

I have seen snipcart basically does what I need, but is there a Free opensource alternative that I can run on another server to use as the backend for my static Hugo site to handle orders, inventory, etc.

It does not need to be anything horribly complicated, just something that is totally free so that the only cost associated are the fees that Paypal and Squareup normally take.

Most of the shops I have implemented have only a small number of orders per month and have either been on Wordpress with Woocommerce, or Drupal.

The primary motivation for me using Hugo is the performance offered by static sites. Many of the sites I work on also function as Blogs, and so the majority of the traffic is just browsing without purchasing anything from the shop. So a Hugo Static Site would offer a good performance boost.

Appreciate any thoughts or information that anyone can share. I realize there may not be any current solutions, however I have seen that some people have made their own custom backend API: Hugo e-commerce success stories?

Appreciate any information anyone can share, thank you.

There is no readymade free solution as far as I know.

But if Stripe is available in your country of residence, you may be able to have it act as the payment backend.


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I’d keep it there. Then all your browsing traffic is on the static site, and your commerce site can focus on ordering and all the cool inventory stuff (with message hooks, etc.).

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Actually that is not a bad idea, especially if I take the time to make a theme for Drupal or Wordpress that looks close to the same as the Hugo side. I was just thinking it might be better to get away from Drupal and Wordpress altogether for better speed and security.


It might be worth a look at Trolley, a payments front end that’s designed for static sites.
There are a few articles in the blog and docs that will help you out, but check this one out in particular that describes using Hugo with Trolley + Stripe.

(Disclosure: I’m the author of Trolley)

Thanks for the reply rorygibson. Trolley may be the perfect solution for somebody using Hugo that cannot be bothered with figuring out how to use stripe directly, or finding a FOSS stripe solution.

Personally I am more interested in accepting stripe payments without any additional cost, such as the 2% that Trolley charges on top of Stripe fees. If trolley simplifies making use of stripe then it might be worth looking at for some people, just not me, best regards.