Hugo e-commerce success stories?

I’m about to launch a Hugo based e-commerce site and I’d be interested to hear about your experiences in doing something similar, e.g. what does your e-commerce stack look like? How did it go? Etc.

Right now our e-commerce frontend cart and backend api are custom made, a kind of minimal-viable-product (handle orders, inventory, etc), and when we’ll need to expand into something more fully-featured I would have to consider something like Snipcart, a “backend only” ReactionCommerce, or something else (any suggestions?).

The backend and CMS leverage NodeJS, Koa, Heroku, GraphQL, GraphCMS, our payment gateway is Valitor, and our static hosting is on AWS S3 / CloudFront.

In hindsight, not integrating something like Snipcart from the start has probably been my biggest headache (though I don’t like their cart frontend, and they don’t support Valitor), but working in Hugo has been a blast.


Cool! Wish I had the chops to do this myself.

I have looked a bit into doing ecommerce with a Hugo site and the available options are more or less the ones you mentioned. But Snipcart costs along with payment gateway fees, are kind of prohibitive for a small shop IMO.

During my search I did stumble upon that is a Go SDK for ecommerce and as it turned out a full blown CMS. So I don’t think that it can be used as a backend for Hugo (but I may be wrong).

I really wish Hugo supported ecommerce out of the box with its own cart and a simple admin panel. It would be ideal for indie sellers. Maybe it will someday. Who knows?

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I would have a look at what Netlify has built “behind” the – they have built some open source components to handle orders etc.

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To add to what @bep said, here’s Netlify’s GoCommerce.

To belabor the point just a bit, realizing you have the payments issue: Snipcart is amazingly flexible, including the cart, and I think they’re working on an even more flexible version. I just did an integration with a fair amount of customization and it was pretty quick.

Glad to know about Reaction Commerce. That one is new to me.