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hello hugo fans !

I have built an e-commerce with Hugo (, I am using snipcart V3 to handle the e-commerce part. Nevertheless, I would like to add subscription-based products (and not use snipcart V2 to do it).
What would you recommend me? Anyone already used webtask & stripe directly or Netlify CMS with stripe? I am looking for something simple!

Thank’s in advance !!

Has anyone ever used stripe api for subscription or payment? More generally with hugo how can we do that without backend? I heard about netlify cms?

As far as I know there are no posts in this forum about using serverless ecommerce with Stripe.

Currently Hugo may not be the right tool for an ecommerce website since there is no straightforward way to connect it with a proper CMS that will make life easier in managing such a website. We are all waiting for

So I suggest that you look into other places for incorporating Stripe in your project, like the official Stripe documentation and also there is this article by someone who incorporated Stripe with Hugo last year:

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