Headless e-commerce

Hi guys.

The topics I found here about headless e-commerce were very old and probably outdated, so I decided to create a new topic.

Is headless e-commerce worth implementing?

Right now the solution I use is the following:

domain.com (hugo site)
shop.domain.com (Woocommerce site)

The shop only has 2 products, one digital and one physical, so I wonder if going headless for the shopping cart and back-end would be a better option than using Wordpress/Woocommerce.

I have read good things about MedusaJS and Saleor.

I like the idea of having a solid front-end built with a static site generator separated from the dynamic and more vulnerable parts (comment system and shopping cart).

Anyone here added e-commerce functionality to their Hugo website? Was it worth it? Thanks!

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