New line in footnote in markdown sends (return) to the next line

I think this is a BlackFriday issue. But here’s the problem.

If there’s a new line in the footnote in markdown, the [return] at the end of the footnote is sent to a new line.

footnote with new lines[^newline]

footnote without new lines[^nonewline]

<!-- Footnotes -->
[^newline]: This is the first line of the footnote.
    This is the second line.
[^nonewline]: No new lines in this footnote.

The resulting HTML looks like this:

	<li id="fn:newline">
		<p>This is the first line.
This is the second line.</p>
		<a class="footnote-return" href="#fnref:newline">
	<li id="fn:nonewline">No new lines in this footnote.
		<a class="footnote-return" href="#fnref:nonewline">



As you can see, the first footnote text is wrapped in <p> and then the return link is added.

I tried on multiple themes and the output is always the same. Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or knows a workaround (apart from having the footnote on one long line)?

I don’t. I searched their issues, and only found:

Which doesn’t appear to be your issue. Hopefully someone has a work around! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, indenting the second line fixes the issue on Github.
I will keep putting the footnote on the same line for now until we can find a workaround.