ERROR: Page's Now is deprecated

Hugo v0.26-DEV

I’m getting an error: ‘ERROR: Page’s Now is deprecated’ which causes Hugo to fail with error 255. I cannot find any instance of using Now that would cause this but in any case shouldn’t this be a warning not an error?

Searching for this message shows plenty of warnings but no errors, and being an error causes my travis build to fail.

Is there anyway I can ignore this error in travis or commute it to a warning?


Replace .Now with now in your template and the error will go away.

But I can’t find any instance of using Now in my template. To make it slightly more difficult I am doing this from the road so don’t have my laptop with me. Just an iPad and dodgy wifi. Even so, first thing I tried was to find where Now was being used. The error doesn’t provide much of a clue.

Typically it’s found in a theme’s footer. It renders the current year.

Thanks for the help guys. I have narrowed it down to this statement, which I had passed over before because it looks as though it is correct

{{ now.Format "2006"}}

I’ll raise an issue with the themes author now I know where the problem is.

Thanks again.